Clayton Inspection Service, Inc.

Clayton Inspection Service, Inc.


Why should I have a home inspection?

Before making one of the largest financial commitments in your life, you should be well informed about the home you plan to buy. A home inspection makes a through examination of the conditions of the home’s structure and operating components.

What is involved in a typical inspection?

We carefully and systematically evaluate all mechanical (electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, and ventilation) systems within the home. We will have discussions with you about the quality and function of the doors and windows, roofing, drainage, siding, insulation, appliances and many other areas of importance. We will discuss safety items and environmental concerns. We will answer any questions you may have about anything related to the home.

When do I get my report?

With our computer generated report system we can deliver the report to you, by email, as soon as it’s completed. Usually by the end of the day. Since the file can be fairly large, you really should have a high speed internet connection to reduce download time. You will need Adobe Reader to open the file.

Do I really need to be there?

We truly encourage you to attend the entire process. We also recommend you do it with as few distractions as possible. Allow yourself time to ask the inspector questions and show him your concerns. We recommend you follow the inspector around the entire survey of the home. You will learn the conditions, maintenance requirements, and safety information for your new home. We really try to teach you the important needs of the home.

Try not to bring your entire extended family for home tours at the inspection, and if you make appointments for additional contractors, decorators and such…have them arrive about 3 hours from the inspection appointment. Spend time with your inspector. This is the time to focus on the needs of the home and get a good handle on projected costs and equipment maintenance.

How long does the inspection take?

If you really want us to take a careful look at your home, and answer your questions you should figure approximately three hours, (or longer) for a home, (less time for a condo). As with any detective work…it can go quicker if conditions are obvious, and slower if more complicated. Antique homes and homes with more equipment take longer. If you cannot attend the entire inspection we recommend you discuss all areas of concern with the inspector when possible.

Is there a warranty or guarantee offered with the inspection?

Unfortunately we cannot act as an insurance company, nor offer to cover damages that may occur over time on your new home. What you are buying from us is our opinion about the home. This opinion is based on a time specific and limited visual inspection of the home. What is hidden, non-accessible, and apt to happen over time is not within the scope of the inspection. We do recommend that you carefully re-inspect the home the morning of the closing…before you sign the dotted line.

We do offer a limited 90 Day Warranty that does cover things that were working just fine during the inspection, and malfunction shortly after. Look over the 90 Day Warranty link for details.

Do you give prices for repairs of items that are broken or need upgrading?

Ballpark prices are verbally discussed and you will be encouraged to get real prices from local contractors if an item is found to be deficient. Real prices are important for your negotiations and budgeting.

What about “Forever Telephone Support”, what’s that about?

Really…If you get into a situation where you are advised to do something, or your home is ready for a piece of equipment or repair, feel free to call and ask our opinion, or advice. We do not charge for telephone consultation. We only charge for visitations Should you require that, consulting costs will be discussed with you ahead of time.

How do we pay for our inspection?

A personal check or cash is fine. We also take Visa, Master Card, Discover, Diners Club, and American Express for your convienience. There is an option to pay on line when we email you our contract. An invoice is emailed for your records. We do have to be paid before we can release the report.

Do we have insurance?

Of course, we carry insurance to cover errors and omissions, and liability insurance in case something becomes damaged at the inspection. All inspections are performed with written contracts that specifically explain the scope and limitations of the inspection. The contract can be faxed or e-mailed to you on request, before the inspection. All inspections are performed in accordance with the Code of Ethics and the Standard of Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors and the State of Tennessee.

Why an ASHI Inspection?

In order to become a certified member of ASHI, members must successfully pass a written examination. They must perform at least 250 paid inspections following the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of the Society and must maintain educational credits annually to remain in good standing. ASHI inspectors must provide written reports, and must remain objective and independent of the sale. Our code of ethics forbids any commissions, or financial relationships that might be construed to influence a real estate transaction.

Why Clayton Inspection Service Inc.?

Simply put… there will always be others out there that can do a job quicker, cheaper and find a way to cut corners. In home inspection our philosophy has always been to provide the highest level of service for our clients. We inspect carefully, systematically, and maintain close scrutiny on all testing and documentation. Our reputation is critical to our longevity in the industry, and we try our hardest to protect our clients. Remember we offer independent objective inspections so that you will know the conditions and costs associated with the home you are considering. We work only for you, and have no interest in whether you buy or not…just that you understand what you are buying.