Clayton Inspection Service, Inc.

Clayton Inspection Service, Inc.


Clayton Home Inspections offers a thorough service!

We inspect every aspect of the home, from the crawlspace to the roof, inside and out.

Clayton Inspection Service, Inc. gives a nonbiased evaluation of the home, its general condition and functions. The inspector will take time to go over the inspection and answer questions before leaving the property.

If there are any questions after the inspector leaves, we are just a telephone call away. Customer service and satisfaction is as important to us as the inspection itself. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question, or too many.

The inspection will include:

Written Reports: All Inspections are documented with written reports. We use the Inspectvue reporting system affording our clients the best available report and information that will be incredibly useful for understanding, maintaining and re-selling their home. The report is usually completed by the end of the day. Reports, in PDF format, are e-mailed directly, as soon as they are completed. Lab reports and testing results are e-mailed separately, as soon as they are completed.

Roof Inspection: In most cases, if a roof is safe to walk on and we can access it with a 17’ ladder, we will walk it. We will often examine a roof from the eaves, from within the attic, and with field glasses from the ground as well.

Furnace Inspections: While we always recommend bringing in the service company currently providing service to find out their perception of conditions, recommendations and maintenance needs, we will look at the units for safety, equipment operation, and maintenance needs, and happily explain how it works, what to watch for, and how to troubleshoot should the unit shut down.

Central A/C Testing: Weather permitting, central and wall air conditioners will be run to establish that they operate, and to try to determine if they need service. In colder weather they cannot be tested as they are more prone to break. Get a representation from the seller as to conditions of appliances not readily accessible to test. Operation and maintenance tips will be discussed.

Heat Pump Inspections: Units are operated with normal controls to ascertain conditions and serviceability. Operation and maintenance tips will be discussed.

Additional Services Available:

Radon Gas Testing: Using state of the art anti-tamper computers, our continuous radon monitors take 10-20 readings each hour of the 48 hour test and download a radon level average for each hour of the test. The machines measure radon levels and if the machine is moved or tampered with. This equipment takes most of the risk away associated with charcoal canisters and other testing modes being tampered with & skewing the results.

Asbestos Testing: If you desire we will take samples of potential asbestos-containing materials to a EPA approved environmental lab for testing.