Clayton Inspection Service, Inc.

Clayton Inspection Service, Inc.


“I’ve used Jack and Clayton Inspections numerous times over the years. Sometimes I’ve liked the outcomes and sometimes I haven’t, but I always know what I’m getting into. Jack is able to find things that most inspection services would pass by and he’s not influenced by realtor’s or lenders. He’s straightforward and tell’s it like it is no matter who’s buying or who’s selling. If you want someone to just brush over your property and not tell you eveything that’s going on, he’s NOT your guy. If you’re wanting to push something through and need someone to look beyond an issue or turn a blind eye to something that will effect the new owner in a big way down the road, he’s NOT your guy. But if you want someone who is honestly gonna tell you what he finds no matter who’s commission is on the line and give you a REAL report, he IS your guy. He’s worth his price and everytime I’ve used him, I’ve made my money back in negotiations because of issues that were uncovered. And I’ve passed on properties because of his findings. I would rather spend a few hundred dollars and not get into a mess, than to buy something without an inspection from Clayton Inspections and spend thousands because of something I couldn’t see myself.”
-Ryan H.

“Jack Feldmann and Clayton Inspection Service are reliable and friendly. Mr. Feldmann provides a detailed report that is easy to understand and very thorough. If I had any questions regarding the report he was available to explain them and help me to understand. I highly recommend Clayton Inspection Service!”
-Katrina V.

“I am a real estate investor and have used Jack Feldmann for home inspections since 2009. He is beyond thorough and returns the completed inspection report promptly. His findings have led me to proceed with the purchase of several profitable rental properties and to also walk away from a property with serious issues not disclosed by the owner. I value his professional experience and have always been happy with his services. I have referred him to several others who have also been happy with his work.”
-Rikki B.

“We definitely made the right move when we chose Clayton Inspection Service to inspect our potential investment property.
We were very impressed with your thoroughness. Following you around as you conducted the inspection was an educational experience – as you examined things we would never have thought to check. You also gave us detailed technical explanations in layman’s terms, which helped us to understand what you were checking and why it was important.
As a result we are better acquainted with our new property, and better prepared to answer tenants’ questions and concerns.
Thanks you for your excellent service.”
-Evelyn A., Knoxville, TN

Jack Feldmann did phase home inspections at my house during construction at Rarity Bay, Vonore, Tennessee.
He was excellent.  He was able to have the builders errors corrected while the house was under construction.
Because of that I have an excellent built home.
Jack was a pleasure to work with.

-Alan S.

‘I have used Jack half a dozen times in the last few years for both my personal residence and investment properties. He has always been honest with me and I know that his inspections are extremely thorough, I work in the property restoration industry so am very familiar with reading different home inspection reports, from home inspectors. Jack’s home inspection reports are extremely detailed, his attention to detail is second to none. I have even compared his home inspection reports to other reports on the same property. You would be amazed at how much more Jack found out on a home compared to other inspectors! It truly is amazing! I have referred jack out to my family and friends and feedback from everybody has been “Jack is awesome thanks so much for recommending him”. Walking around a property with Jack is a tremendous learning experience, and he is willing and able to explain issues in a way that gives people an understanding about the issue. I know that after I have had jack inspect a property, I will have peace of mind that I have had one of the best in the industry inspect the home, present me with information in a detailed well laid out report, and answer any questions that I might have. Not to mention he has saved me thousands of dollars and hours and hours of headaches! Jack is worth every penny.’

Tom B., Knoxville, TN


I recently used Jack Feldmann of Clayton Inspection Service to provide a home inspection on a home I had identified for purchase.  I am new to Knoxville and asked my realtor to identify a detail oriented home inspector that would protect my interest with my home purchase.  Jack proved to be exactly what I was looking for.  He spent 30-40 minutes on the phone with me before I hired him sharing his experiences with home inspections and answering my questions.  On the day of the inspection, he arrived on–time for the inspection, walked me through each step of the process answering my questions along the way, provided me with the inspection report on-site at the time of the inspection, and continued to be available to me to answer follow-up questions.  In addition, he was always easy to reach answering my calls in person without requiring me to leave a message.  If you are looking for a Home Inspector who does a good job and truly does represent the interest of the buyer I highly recommend Jack Feldmann of Clayton Inspection Service.  I feel I got good value for my money using his service.

Jeff M.

Thanks for all your help these past few weeks. I really appreciate the time you took to help me buy my first home!!
Brigitte B.

Jack recently completed a home inspection on my behalf and I found him to be very thorough in his observation.
His report was concise and detailed but easy to follow and he conducted himself in a professional manner the entire time.
The overall experience was pleasant and I can tell Jack values the needs of his customers.
A+ Experience

Brian C.

After buying and selling ten homes in the last 22 years we have come to expect the cursory findings of inspectors (most appear to feel obligated to find something/anything in order to help the buyer feel they are getting something for their money). Our latest home purchase involved a log cabin, something we had no knowledge of and needed expertise beyond that of a typical inspector. Jack is not a typical inspector; he is personable, professional, thorough and extremely knowledgeable.

Jack’s credentials and the fact that he was not “tied” to either real estate agent earned our initial interest in hiring him. However, when we arrive to conduct the inspection both buyer and seller were present and we immediately saw Jack’s personable attitude and professional candor. He called all of us by name, took the time to explain in advance what he was going to do and then he went out of his way to review both good and bad issues so we understood what his report would ultimately contain. Jack asked us if it was OK to discuss his findings in front of the seller and when he did he did so directly yet respectfully. We were fortunate to have a cooperative seller, and the discussions among the parties, with Jack’s assistance, took repair negotiations out of the hands of the real estate agents and made for a smoother transaction.

The items Jack uncovered were items that a homeowner should consider correcting or monitoring but they were not contrived or trivial. Jack’s general expertise provided a great deal of knowledge and confidence for us with the purchase of the log home. His report was straightforward and easy to understand, and is something we will reference as we maintain our new home.

When it came to repairs (and radon mitigation), Jack’s recommended experts were top notch. We’ve experienced many contractors in TN who do a fine job the first time they work on something, but never return calls for subsequent needs. We are thrilled to have a wealth of dependable contractors to work with, thanks to Jack!

In summary, Jack is an extremely competent, personable and accurate inspector. His assistance prior to the inspection and after the inspection has proven to be a pleasant and unexpected value added. We highly recommend Jack!

Julie M.

My husband and I currently live in Florida and have been searching for a log home in the Sevierville, TN area. Upon Inspection of the first home my husband and I visually fell in love with, we later found out that the room additions were built on railroad ties and there was bowing in the center of the home which was a major construction defect. This home appeared visually impeccable, but thanks to Jack Feldman’s expertise, he saved us major grief on an investment that would have cost us years of heartache. His fee is nominal and he will walk you every step of the way, even after he has completed his job. My husband is very detailed and Jack spent hours with him on the phone explaining the issues to him without any additional charge.
A couple of months later my husband and I found another log home we had our hearts set on. This time, there were many things which needed correcting, but were fixable. After getting Jacks report we submitted it to the homeowners and they agreed to fix the issues which in itself paid for the inspection ten times over!
If ever in need of a qualified detailed Inspector who will stand by his work, even after he has been paid and you may have later questions, this is the man to call. As a matter of fact, we were so impressed that if you would like to speak with us we would be willing to testify to his work by speaking with you personally. Just ask Jack for our number! Please do not ever purchase a home without having Jack taking a look at it first. ‘ .
Word of advice; don’t forget to listen to what Jack Feldman has to say, rather than having your heart set on something which will only cost you years of aggravation and a pocket full of money! If the home is worth you purchasing, you will definitely know about it!

Best Wishes!
Dave and Nancy A.

Jack Feldmann truly is the best of the best. When I called to receive an inspection quote, I felt like he really cared about the entire experience, while other companies gave me a dollar amount and that was that. During the scheduling phone call, he asked about my specific concerns to review and explained some commonalities for the age/neighborhood of the home. He followed up with my realtor to confirm the appointment – professionalism and courtesy that is often hard to find. On inspection day, he was prompt and prepared to spend as much time as necessary to complete the inspection. Throughout the inspection, he explained everything he was noting in his report in great detail (and with understandable terminology). He was most thorough and took the time to make sure that we were as comfortable as could be to make a decision about our home purchase. After the inspection, we received the report online within a few hours – most companies take 1-2 days. The report contains photos and clear descriptions of everything found during the inspection (my report was 58 pages long!). Jack also provides extra services as part of the inspection that make you feel well-cared for after his work is done. He also emailed to follow up and make sure we didn’t have any other questions or concerns. A+ in my book! Although I did receive quotes for lower and higher costs, I believe that we absolutely got everything we paid for – and more – by using Clayton Inspection Service Inc. You will be happy knowing that you are in good hands with Jack!
Sophie K.

I want to personally thank you Jack. We were very pleased with the thorough manner in which you inspected our house and your patience and accessibility, before, during and afterwards. You were a lifesaver to come on your cancellation! The warranty and recall reports make your services even more valuable.
Lisa C.

Most of us aren’t in home-buying mode, but for those who are – especially those looking in the Knoxville area at present or in the future, there’s literally no better choice than this company. Jack Feldmann is at once a crooked real estate agent’s nightmare and every home buyer’s dream: detailed, thorough, dedicated, organized and fair. He has a personal curiosity in the home inspections he performs that extends far beyond just “getting the job done.” Anyone in the market for a home in Knoxville and its surrounding area should begin and end their home inspector search with Clayton Inspection Service Inc.

It isn’t often that I plug a business or product, but my family was so duly impressed with this company that I felt I had to share! :)
Beth R.

It has been a pleasure to work with you on the inspection of our potential new home. As parents to two young boys, my wife and I want to be sure we choose a safe new home in which to raise them. We are so glad we found you, and through Tradebank as well!

You made us comfortable throughout the process. You answered our numerous questions with patience and simplicity, making sure we understood what you were seeing and describing. Your report was thorough and the quick turn around time really helped make this the best experience of our home purchase. I recommend you to anyone planning a new home purchase.
Drew R.

I would never buy a house without having Clayton Inspection Service inspect it first! Jack does a very thorough, professional job, and gives you a detailed, complete report that is easily viewed online, with color pictures, safety alerts, and explanations of items that need to be looked at and taken care of. His rates are reasonable, and he shows up right when he says he’ll be there. I cannot recommend Jack highly enough! I know he has saved me thousands of dollars by finding problems that the seller would rather I’d not known about. He has kindly and patiently answered all my questions, and I feel much better about my purchase because of all the information he has given me.
Karen V.

We had a house inspected by another company in May 2014. He only did a visual and charged an outrageous fee.
Found another house to be inspected and went online and pulled up other inspections company’s and selected “Clayton Inspections.”
We were weary because of our past experience. Mr. Feldmann has inspected two houses for us and we were very satisfied. He went through the homes and checked everything inside and out. He is very thorough, and if you ask any questions he gives detailed answers. By that evening he sent us the full report of the inspection via email.
We highly recommend “Clayton Inspections.”


Dear Mr. Feldmann,
I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the highly professional and extremely thorough job you did for us while carrying out the inspection of the property on Silver Creek Road in Knoxville. Your report was prompt, very detailed, and highly informative. Your findings have undoubtedly saved us thousands of dollars. I was particularly impressed with the quality and captions of your photographs. A good photo is worth a thousand words.

Again, thank you very much. I will recommend your services to everyone I know. Please feel free to use me as a reference as a satisfied customer.
Very truly yours, Patrick E. F.

Thank you for doing the inspection. Jack was very personable and a pleasure to work with. He did an excellent inspection. He was very thorough and professional.
Gary H.

Dear Jack, Thank you so much for your professional home inspection and detecting all the problems (big or small) in the house we almost bought. We really feel lucky to have you as our inspector, thanks to Cheryl’s recommendation. We will definitely have you inspect the house we are interested in buying in Farragut. Thanks again!
Best Regards,
Lily & J.

Dear Jack,
Thank you for doing such an outstanding job on your inspection.
The Rev. Dr. John S.

Donn, our son Robert, and I were impressed with the thorough inspection Jack Feldmann conducted for us. The report was detailed and specific, and the pictures made clear for us exactly what was being described. Particularly important to us was the identification of those items that were safety issues as compared to repairs that were more general good upkeep.

Your company made this experience easier for us, especially as we had to do this from Louisiana.


Sheila K.